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So I started this blog about four years ago and averaged about one post per year… not too good. This is a problem that I’ve had across numerous sites that I’ve launched. A lot of it boils down to not having much time… and, I’ll not dodge the obvious, a problem with committing to releasing regular updates.

New year, new direction! I’ve got quite a few hobbies and projects which I will be consolidating to this site. I’m going to try to commit to getting at least a couple of updates out per week. I’ve rolled the forums over to this site. I’ve also begun archiving my families old photos and slides, so family members will have access to those high-res scans, as well as family oriented sub-forums. Most of the ArcadeOasis and Shmuptacular content will be released here in the future as I begin to close out those sites… and at some point my YouTube channel, which will have retro computer and videogame content, will receive updates here as well. At lease that’s my early road map for 2017.

But this isn’t just a family site… Friends, Family, and everyone else are invited to comment on the blog entries as well as spin up forum accounts and join us over there for discussions on a multitude of issues. It’s simply one place for me to unload all of my comments, posts, projects and what-not.

Admittedly haphazardly… just like myself. 😉

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