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My Parents Wedding Photos

So, this is something special.  When we cleaned out my parents house, I spent a few days over there looking for photos, negatives, movies, video, etc.  One of the items I was looking for was their wedding photos- I didn’t find much.  My dad had a habit of tossing things into storage, which for us was the crawlspace in the basement.  So I hunted in there for a day or so and found the original acetate negatives to their wedding photos.  However,  due to moisture damage they were in the process of delaminating which made them completely useless to scan.

Now I know they had prints of their wedding photos but I was completely unable to turn them up.  I have a couple of photos of my folks from back in the 40’s and 50’s but not much.  Most of what I have was scanned in by my father in the mid 2000’s and they weren’t high resolution scans and his scanner was not the greatest.   So I figured all was lost.

Recently I came across a small envelope in one of the boxes of stuff I took from the house and found that my dad had made his own 4×6 prints from the original negatives.   This was probably sometime in the mid 70’s when he was doing side work for Brick Real Estate as a photographer.   So I quickly scanned them up and did some very light restoration on them.  I’ll be doing much greater restoration work on these 36 mega-pixel scans and then I’ll have prints made of them.  But for right now they look just fine at web resolutions.

So have a look!  Eva and Larry in HD 🙂


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