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C64 Studio V5.6 Released

C64 Studio v5.6 Released

The C64 development environment C64Studio v5.6 has been released.


  • Fix: Macro source info was using file name at calling location, not of the macro source location.
  • Fix: Fixed loading bug in ValueTableEditor, table with values was refilled but automatically cleared when loading tables without formula.
  • Add: making !media accept startindex/count optionally for value tables.
  • Fix: fixed source export of map editor column by column.
  • Add: Added MAP_DATA binary export to MapEditor also fixed row by row and column by column where it was the wrong way around.
  • Add: Enhanced !basic pseudo op to allow line number and text comment.
  • Add: Added text entry mode for char screen designer.
  • Add: Added delta info to relative-jump-too-far.
  • Fix: Corrected stupid bug in !basic pseudo op, pointer to basic file end was totally wrong.
  • Add: Enabled including of assembly symbols in BASIC files (and subsequently debugging the called assembly).
  • Add: BASIC macros now allow hex values (prefixed with $).
  • Fix: Fixed autocomplete for enabled tabs (hopefully not breaking everything else with tabs).
  • Add: support for V5 of charpad ctm files.
  • Add: a include map sample project with charset.
  • Add: added binary editor to “Window” menu as well.
  • Fix: save all now also saves documents which are not part of the solution.
  • Add: Added value table editor to Window menu as well.
  • Fix: selection highlighting now also works in BASIC.
  • Fix: added missing BASIC macro symbols.
  • Fix: total rewrite of syntax coloring for BASIC.
  • Add: double click selection in BASIC now selects the token beneath.
  • Fix: Fixed operator precedence, hi-/lo-byte operators had lower prio than comparison.
  • Fix: Fixed renumber issue: Non-existing target line numbers were set to zero, now they stay unchanged.
  • Fix: BASIC: Renumber does not mess up spaces anymore.
  • BASIC: Renumbering does not at new line at the end.
  • BASIC: Renumbering does not mess up control codes.
  • Fix: Importing image in charset editor now used the import dialog.
  • Import dialog checks does not bitch about hires chars anymore if they have a valid custom color.
  • Fix: Fixed crash when shortcutkeys in toolbarstrip doesn’t like the short cut.
  • Fix: Shortcut tooltips are now adjusted when app state changes (debug toolbar shortcuts).
  • Add: Option to hide auto complete.
  • Add: Experimental auto-adjusting of moved symbols (editing will move symbol infos accordingly).
  • Add: Added export for charscreen projects.
  • Add: Made miniview toggle-able via context menu.
  • Add: added spritepad support (*.spd), Importing in sprite editor and reading via !media.
  • Add: better color selection for manual drawing in graphic screen editor.

Download it here.

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