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Charles Reidar Muller Norstrom Slides Pack 001

I’m currently scanning in the slides from my grandfather on my mothers side- Charles Reidar Muller Norstrom.  So I figured I would post these on the family side of my site.  I’m going to be posting these slides ten at a time.  He did a halfway decent job of actually labeling the slides as to subject and date taken..  That being said, many of the slides were taken in Norway and he labeled them in Norwegian and abridged some of the descriptions to fit on the slide.  So I’ll do my best.

This current batch was taken in 1952.  The last three photos are of artwork he purchased from when he was an art dealer.  We actually had many of these in our home growing up but had to liquidated them in later years to provide for my parents ongoing care.  Still, its welcome to see them again.  I’m glad he photographed them and stated what they were and who painted them.  There will be more of these in future packs.


  1. Poconos in the Fall (1952)
  2. Poconos in the Fall (1952)
  3. Poconos in the Fall (1952)
  4. Bushkill Falls (1952)
  5. Bushkill Falls (1952)
  6. Poconos in the Fall (1952)
  7. Paradise Creek (1952)
  8. Art: F.S. Church 1916 (1952)
  9. Art: Waterfall – Herzog (1952)
  10. Art: Near Interlaken Switzerland – Herzog (1952)


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