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Combian V2.8 Released

Combian v2.8 Released

Combian 64, the fantastic all-in-one Commodore emulator distro for the Raspberry Pi by Carmelo Maiolino, has been upgraded to version 2.8.  If you are looking for a great way to get involved in the classic Commodore computer scene without having to buy an original system- then this is the distro for you.

Combian 64 utilizes the VICE emulator which is also available for modern computers.  The benefit of this distribution is that it boots in seconds right into the emulator which better mimics the feel of using the original computer.  The emulator allows for the mounting of virtual disk images as well as a number of cartridge formats.  It also allows you mitigate the problems of dealing with PAL and NTSC compatibility.  Many games are European and, as such, use the PAL video system.  Even if the games you play are NTSC patched, they tend to run too fast on North American NTSC systems.  Combian 64 will allow you to switch between PAL & NTSC standards on the fly so that you get proper colors and timings for your games.

This is really a great option for those of you that are either short of space to set up a full Commodore system… or simply don’t want to deal with the cost and finicky nature of 35+ year old hardware.  Unrelated to Combian 64, the Raspberry Pi case pictured above is from Retro Pi Cases and is a great way to add authenticity to your emulation experience.

Feature changes over the previous major release v2.5:

  • Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi 3b+.
  • Added WiFi support.
  • Rewritten boot logic: solved the issue with joysticks not always recognized at boot.
  • Changed system language again to US.
  • Removed mouse pointer at the emulator boot.
  • Vice was updated to version 3.1 (all emulators fully working).
  • Connect to a BBS using StrikeTerm via TCPSER.
  • Updated X-Copy to support CRT files.
  • Quitting from an emulator bring you back to the main Combian menu.
  • Repaired layout keyboard configuration on raspi-config.

Download your copy here.

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