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TransBot Remake In Glorious HD!

TransBot Remake in Glorious HD!

Sega released the Transformers inspired game TransBot, known in Japan as Astro Flash (アストロフラッシュ), for the Sega Master System way back in 1986.

In the game you play the part of a transforming Starfighter / Mech Robot called the CA-214.  Fly and blast your way around the screen and collect keys to unlock enemy bases for the inevitable boss battles.  Shoot the transports at the bottom of the screen to get weapon pick-ups.

This is a super high quality remake created in Unity by a very talented team including Ryan C. Myer (Music), Javier Olazabal (Title Graphics), Kristian Hawkinson (Game + Manual), Gabriel Fuentes (Translations) and Oliver Monks (Box Cover Art).

The game is directly available for free from its page over on Retro Game Geeks, and it’s also available from our local miror in the forums (need to register to download).

Wish to discuss the game further?  You can chat with us about it in it’s forum thread here.

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